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“Lachlan, I loved my hypnosis consultation, it was impressive to feel how hypnosis works and it was great to see that it is nothing like people think it is. Hypnosis is no myth, it’s real and it works!!

You completely controlled my fear of horse jumping, it was fantastic to know that in one day I went from only jumping 50cm to the following days jumping 1.20m vertically. I still feel a little fear, but I’m able to master it and it doesn’t interfere with my performance. 

The most impressive part is that the end result was achieved through a conversation, no swinging clocks like in the films and no being unconscious. It’s all done through a conversation that seems to last only 2 minutes. Now I feel safer and more confident and willing to go further and to take more risks in my life. It’s been years since I felt like this and I’m sure that without you I would not have gotten here. Thank you so much for everything and keep helping people because you are excellent at what you do!” Maria G.



“I am so motivated at work and my volunteer was astonished at the work I’ve accomplished whilst she has been away. So thank you for motivating me.” Julie C.



“I stopped smoking without any stressful or irritating sensations. Believe me, I am witness to this incredible reality, I stopped smoking immediately once the hypnosis session ended with Lachlan…I didn’t even remember…or feel the need to want a cigarette. I smoked for 40 years and now without any sacrifice I’ve stopped smoking. .” Pedro S.



“I have had the opportunity of having Lachlan’s help in both leisure and professional matters. It was a bliss to experience the almost immediate effects of our sessions in my surfing skills and in my study focus level – both have improved immensely. I am very glad to have ever chosen to be helped by him.” Sebastião G.



“I came to Lachlan in a time where I was getting ready for the final exams in my Business Management degree. I really needed to focus when studying, especially in places where I was surrounded by noise and people. I successfully finished my degree, and now this skill that I have developed through hypnosis with his help has also been a great tool in my workplace, particularly in times of stress.” Lourenço S.



“Recently I had to face a huge problem which seemed so unsolvable to me that it was destroying my positive attitude towards life. Lachlan turned a quick coffee break into a hypnosis session and showed me that it is not only about this specific problem but rather about a repeated pattern of behaviour I showed in general. By picturing a metaphor, he made me fill up the holes I had in my mind and my surroundings until now, and thus, he made me see how these holes are not a problem anymore. Thanks for digging with me in the past and future and giving me back my cheery attitude!” Cath F.



“Lachlan helped me control my anxiety attacks when working for a very demanding and totally irrational boss to be honest a complete mad man. Lachlan managed to get me in control and learn how to switch off and focus on what was important. Being able to relax, focus and switch off when I need to I believe that it helped me to set up my own company in January 2012. I can’t recommend Lachlan enough.” Dom L.



Maria has osteoporosis; the result of a genetic Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

When I first met Maria, physically and mentally she wasn’t aware of what was happening to her body. She couldn’t find strategies or solutions to the pain she was experiencing. She couldn’t walk, the doctors told her that there were very few possibilities she would ever walk again. At that time she was doing physiotherapy but it wasn’t showing any results.

Maria had 2 sessions of 2 hours each of hypnosis with me. After our sessions she says she became conscious of her body again, conscious of the pain points, and conscious of the sense of pain. By becoming aware she felt better and was doing her physiotherapy with more confidence also now as her mind and body were connected together again after a long time being apart from each other.

Today she says she is able to walk with the support of a crutch and with her physiotherapist by her side and thanks me for guiding her and says that I am the reason that she is capable of believing in herself again and trusting and listening to her mind and body again.



“Lachlan helps you, with his techniques and wisdom, to overcome obstacles in our professional and personal growth. He also achieves miracles for those who want to stop smoking.” Isabel M.



“Lachlan helped me a lot with hypnosis. It has nothing to do with mystical things, it’s a technique used by doctors around the world.” Rita D.



“When I asked for the first session, it was mainly for trying out the experience!! I was in a period of pain, and not wanting to use chemicals, that I decided to try!!! To my amazement, more than just relieving my pain, I learned to listen to my body and feel it!!!

It has been a great experience that I recommend! Mainly because the solution is always in ourselves, but sometimes we need some help to find it!!!” Pilar A.



“Lachlan’s hypnosis therapy gave me the tools to face a serious addiction. With Lachlan’s help I was able to choose a different path and he was instrumental in the newfound self-discipline and confidence I have that has given me a new perspective in life. The feeling I have after a session with Lachlan is strength and I always feel a little bit taller. I highly recommend his services.” C.W.



“In short: I feel fantastic! My fight was from my side super, I felt free and very ready! I put a jar on my cupboard where I will put little papers in with notes written on them: all the good things that happened to me this year. Our mental focus session will be a part of this jar.

I used to have this recurring dream of not moving and thereby couldn’t defend myself … Since our session I haven’t had it once anymore! Also in training I get less tired because I stay more calm! And I am relying more on my techniques. The session we did changed a lot of things! So thank you for that awesome session!” Bart C.



“Hi, my name is Matilde. I’ve been practising horse riding since for 15 years. I’ve always been afraid of this sport because of possibly falling or hurting myself, but I have never given it up because my passion for horses is enormous. I have even advanced into horse jumping. 

Although my fear continued, it had now become my worst enemy because it blocked me and the competitions weren’t going very well. So, I decided to try hypnosis. I have to confess that when I went to the consultation I was very anxious because I just wanted to resolve this problem to evolve as a rider. The effects were instant.

After the consultation I had my regular training during the week. The results were visible and impressive to such an extent that I was complimented by my coach. Never again have I felt that suffocating sensation, that lack of air (apnoea) just before jumping, my fear would transfer to the horse and nothing would help. But now I’m an amateur rider with excellent results in competitions.

I advise all athletes to overcome your fears, only then will you be able to evolve to something we never thought we could be.” Matilde S.



“After just one session with Lachlan, I noticed immediate results both on and off the mat. It will be interesting to see what life brings me when I do the exercises and apply them to other parts of my life. Thanks Focus Performance!” Tim V.



“For many years I have practised gymnastics, in particular, Tumbling. I train several times per week and compete in National and International championships, including several World Championships. Last year I began to have problems in competitions, I would fail series that I wasn’t supposed to and this would really bring me down. I also failed in the World Championships in 2014, which led me to reach out and have a consultation with Lachlan. I had one session with him and learned techniques that have helped a lot.

After our session I took First place in the National Championships (for the first time) and I qualified for the 2015 World Championships. I think that Lachlan’s work was important and gave very positive results, which makes me believe that he is very good in what he does and I recommend hypnosis to everyone that needs help.” Isabel G.



“I reached out to Lachlan at a time that I was finishing my work for the end of my course but wasn’t able to maintain my concentration more than a few minutes. I would begin to read the text and then at the end of two lines I just didn’t want to read more. I was lacking concentration.

The day after the hypnosis consultation I immediately felt a difference in the way that I saw the work that was in front of me. Thanks to Lachlan’s help, I managed to start writing and at the same time keep myself concentrated on what I was reading and/or writing, for longer periods of time. I managed to finish my work within the (tight) time frame that I had and I know that what happened in the consultation, and the conversation that we had afterwards, not only helped me concentrar, but also to define objectives for work. Thank you for everything!” Anonymous


I needed to get into the right mindset for competing in the Jiu Jitsu World Championships ground fighting. Although really honoured to go and fight, I was really not looking forward to all the extra effort and stress that comes along with such a big tournament.

I had no expectations from the consultation whatsoever because the therapy was advised to me by a friend. But afterwards I felt more relaxed about going and I saw it more as a life opportunity than a test. I ended up in 5th place at the Championships, so I can definitely say the session was a success. I had no idea what to expect from the session, but afterwards I ended up giving one of my biggest sport performances so far.

So I would definitely recommend Lachlan to my friends and colleagues, especially because he can help you on so many levels: sport, work and personal life.” Anonymous

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