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We are driven and motivated by our emotions; negatively and positively.

Emotions are the base of what will influence us to take our next move or our next step.

If we feel negatively motivated, let’s say by lack of confidence or self-esteem or we don’t believe in ourselves for whatever reason, then we automatically create habits that are bad for us; feeling tired more often, eating more, or eating worse food than normal, smoking more, bad attitudes towards ourselves and others, etc.

And these emotions can be intrinsic or extrinsically motivated.

Intrinsic: This motivation is the most important. This means that you are motivated from the inside – that come from own necessities and motives as an individual (integrated in society).

Extrinsic: means that this is external motivation. It can come in different forms like money rewards, trophies, results in exams, or if you are in a competition like football or athletics or any sports competition, the actual motivations can be from the competition itself or as well from the crowd cheering you on. Naturally, these factors can arise with positive or negative contours (for example, fear of the consequesnces of a school, fear of repression, confrontation or lack of approval of others).

Are you positively or negatively motivated?

How hypnosis can help

Hypnosis helps you to understand more about what is happening around you and inside of you so you can be mentally and physically motivated to control your emotions and face every day challenges. Which, naturally, doesn’t only allow us to be motivated physically and mentally, but it also helps us to control our emotions in a way that the day to day challenges are easier to face and overcome. In the simplest way, Hypnosis will help to understand what it is that motivates you, so as to influence your motivations; gaining awareness of what drives you, and easily aquiring the capacity to reinforce or reprogramme your own motivations.

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